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Hbiomed back / lumbar holder

Hbiomed back / lumbar holder

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Specific navigation wedge "Back / Lumbar" Hbiomed: 

Do you have back pain?

Do you have sore lumbar?

Unpleasant sensations in positioning sitting in your shell?

Advantages of the specific navigation wedge "Back / Lumbar" Hbiomed: 

  • Maintaining your lumbar and relieves your pain in a sitting position.
  • Best physical resistance
  • Reduces the feeling of exhaustion / Canishing pain
  • Improves your physical and mental performance by increasing your comfort
  • Do not absorb humidity and remain ultra light

    During your crossings of the Atlantic, Golf de Gascogne, Fastnet, or Southern Seas, favor the "back / lumbar" navigation holds Hbiomed
  • Each "back / lumbar navigation wedge is fixed with double -sided scotch" strong glue "

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