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Best seller Navigation: Sacrum Hbiomed specific cushion

Best seller Navigation: Sacrum Hbiomed specific cushion

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The cushion specific SACRUM Hbiomed: 

Unpleasant sensations in sitting after long hours at the helm? 

Apparitions of pimples, itching, redness ...?

A taboo subject...

No longer being able to sit in navigation or having to stir in all directions in a sitting position, it is very annoying and exhausting.

Advantages of the Hbiomed cushion:

  • Do not absorb humidity and remain ultra light
  • Take care of skippers at the sacrum in a sitting position.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of the appearance of redness due to skin friction and shears during long hours, sitting at the bar.
  • Vibrations absorbed and shock absorber effect when the sea is formed and the speeds are maximum, significantly improving the comfort of the skipper in a sitting position.
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